Be creative when choosing wedding favors and find ones that go with any theme you have decided on!

November 23, 2015 by Grand Central Party

It may not be compulsory that you offer wedding favors at your Big Day, but the truth is that this is a really nice way to thank your guests for their presence at your wedding. Even more, you could take this as a great opportunity to add a unique touch to your wedding and to make your wedding theme feel more well-put together too.


How to be really creative when choosing the wedding favors? How to make sure you settle on an option that really goes with any theme you may have decided on? We have gathered some tips and ideas for you, so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Cute magnets. This is an all-time classic and while some may say that it has been overused, the truth is otherwise. As long as you choose something that sends out a beautiful message and looks great, your guests will be more than happy to take it home with them. For instance, you could opt for a pair of magnets that are themed around the idea of love and how sweet this feeling can be.
  • Fancy playing cards. Again, this is a classic wedding favor, but if you choose something elegant and unique, there’s no way in the world your guests will not love it. A pack of cards designed with golden details will really suit your wedding regardless of what theme it may be centered on!
  • Gumball machine. Want something cute and playful as your wedding favors? Give your guests mini gumball machines and you’ll definitely get them excited regardless of how young or old they may be. To make sure this fits into the rest of your wedding, choose gumballs that are colored according to your wedding color scheme.

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Add personality to your wedding by decorating your chairs creatively!

November 17, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Your wedding is a celebration of love and commitment. But more than anything, it is a celebration of who you are as a couple. Therefore, all the elements of your wedding should be “imprinted” with your own style and personality too.

seating plan

How to add a bit of your personality to the wedding chairs? We have gathered some wonderful ideas to inspire you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Nautical. Planning a wedding near a beach? Want your Big Day to be infused with the delicacy and poetry of the sea? Have your chairs speak about that by decorating them with fancy nautical knots. A bit of rope and a bit of skill and you’re all set!
  • Angular bows. Forget about the boring bows that tie up right at the top of the chairs. These days, it’s all about perspective, angles and minimalism – so choose some beautiful ribbons or pieces of fabric and create angular bows that look stylish and powerful.
  • Large sequins. If you want your wedding to look really glamorous and spectacular, dress up your chairs with large sequins covers. Gold, silver, champagne – choose your favorite color and go for it! It may seem bold and rather cheeky at first, but you and your guests will absolutely love it once your entire wedding décor is pulled together.
  • Pastel ribbons. Choose your favorite variety of pastel colors, buy ribbons in these colors and tie them up to make every chair look like a true rainbow. This is a cute idea that works perfectly with outdoor weddings!

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Please your guests with these beautiful wedding reception table ideas

November 10, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Everything about your wedding needs to be perfect – and not because anyone will judge you if you choose mismatching napkins or if your flowers are not the most expensive ones on the market, but because this is your Big Day. It is the one day when you really want everything to flow smoothly, when you want to feel like a true royalty and when you want to step into your new life with a huge smile on your face.

3533686494_cb3a765ec8_o (1)

How to please your guests with some of the most beautiful wedding reception ideas? We have gathered some inspiration for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Choose your color scheme. This is one of the first steps to make if you want your wedding décor to look picture-perfect. Depending on the season outside and on your preferences, there’s a myriad of options available out there – so the hardest thing will be to decide on just a couple of colors. Think of the vibe you want your wedding to have, think of the message behind it and think of the colors you like the most and you will definitely be able to narrow down your options to a handful few at least.
  • Think outside of the box. Forget about white table linens and dull tableware. Be creative and decorate your wedding tables with linens that are colored, textured or patterned. Your guests will love your touch of uniqueness!
  • Choose the perfect centrepieces. Same as with the table linens and the other elements on the table, you should make sure to choose the centrepieces that really represent your personal style. Opulent flower arrangements work fantastically for elegant weddings, but there are many other variants you could settle for – so don’t limit your creativity!

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With the chilly months approaching, should you choose an indoor or outdoor wedding?

November 2, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Choosing the right venue for your wedding is one of the first and foremost important things to decide on when planning for the Big Day. And to decide on the perfect venue, you first have to make smaller choices that will narrow down your list of options.

For instance, have you decided on whether you should have an indoor or outdoor wedding? We have gathered some helpful tips to help you with this, so read on if you want to find out more.


  • In general, outdoor weddings are associated more with the warmer months of the year. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot have an outdoor wedding in November or February, for example. As long as you plan ahead and put all the details together in a flawless way, your Big Day will be a true success.
  • If you decide to have an outdoor wedding during the colder months of the year, please make sure you provide your guests with the “shelter” they need. Renting a wedding tent is the best way to do this, as it will allow you to decorate it beautifully and it will also protect your guests from rain (or snow).
  • Also, keep in mind that you will most likely need to provide your guests with proper heating as well. These days, there are many ways to heat up a wedding tent (and to be completely safe doing it), so you should definitely look into the options you have at hand.

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Don’t overlook these small décor’ details for your big day

October 27, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Your wedding décor is comprised out of many smaller parts – and each of them has to come together in a flawless manner. And while the big parts (such as the centrepieces, the ceremony flowers and the furniture) are very important, it is equally essential that you don’t forget about the smaller pieces of décor either. Here are some of the ones you should definitely remember:


  • The table placements. Aside from wedding centrepieces, your tables should have other types of décor items on them too. The linens, the table runners (if that’s the case), the pretty tableware arrangements, the small detail that brings everything together (such as a small flower placed on the top plate) – all these things can make a huge difference.
  • Wedding signs. Although not essential, cute wedding signs are a great way to show some of your personality. There are a lot of puns you can use for these signs – and from DIY signage posts to fancy and even luxury wedding signs, you can find just about anything you can imagine.
  • The flower girl’s basket and the ring bearer’s pillow. These cute additions to your ceremony will make everyone go “aww”. And if you choose beautiful “tools” for these “actors” to play their “roles” perfectly, the moment will be even more adorable. Keep in mind that you don’t have to resume to a traditional basket (it can be a pretty box) or to the traditional pillow (it can be a book sculpted in the middle).

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Be sure your chairs are beautifully decorated for your big day!

October 20, 2015 by Grand Central Party

When planning a wedding, every detail matters. The linens on the table, the flowers that surround your aisle, the shoes you put on your feet – every single minute detail can make a huge difference. And your chairs make no exception whatsoever.


How to make sure your chairs are beautifully decorated for the big day? We have gathered some tips to inspire you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Go for simple elegance. Don’t overdo it, really. Long gone are the days of heavy satin and oversized bows on the wedding chairs. These days, most brides and grooms opt for comfort with a dash of style – so think of something in that area.
  • Don’t limit your options. There are so many gorgeous fabrics that can be used in decorating a chair! From organza to taffeta, everything works as long as you use it in moderation and with good taste. For instance, a rustic wedding will look charming with organza and burlap combined as chair décor.
  • Add cute elements. Want a special mark for the Bride and Groom chairs, or for the wedding party seats? Don’t be afraid to go all creative with your signage and your guests will definitely love it. Be funny, crack a pun and your wedding chairs will be just as much as your love story as the rest of the wedding is as well.

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Tie fall into your wedding with these beautiful color schemes

October 13, 2015 by Grand Central Party

There’s no doubt over the fact that fall weddings have become increasingly popular – and there’s truly no reason not to love them. Unique, romantic and soaked in flavors and colors, fall weddings are always unforgettable.


How to build the perfect color scheme for your fall wedding, though? We have gathered some of the most popular ideas – so read on if you want to inspire yourself.

  • Gold, bronze and yellow. This is a classic when it comes to fall weddings, especially since it is inspired by the natural color scheme of the season. Add sage and auburn into the picture to balance out the warm colors and to add a bit of style and elegance to the mix as well.
  • Tangerine, fern and black. Want an even bolder color combination for your Big Day? Try bringing together the vibrant tangerine yellow with fern green and black (to tone that tangerine down a bit). This is the perfect color theme for those of you who want a wedding décor flourishing with energy and good vibes.
  • Plum, white and lavender. Fall is not only about very warm colors. As a matter of fact, cooler and darker colors have plenty of space in a fall wedding color theme too. If you want to keep it classy and still be really unique, bringing together plum, lavender and white is an amazing idea.
  • Maroon, cocoa and ivory. Somewhere borderline between nude and very colorful, this beautiful combination works marvelously with fall weddings of all types – be them rustic or very elegant.

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Have a unique school-themed wedding with these wonderful tips:

October 5, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Not many see the beginning of school as a fun moment – but if you and your spouse-to-be have always been the kind of “nerds” who actually love what school is all about, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t bring this into your wedding day.


Yes, you read that right! A school-themed wedding would be unique and more than appropriate for a fall wedding! Here are some cute ideas on how you can incorporate this fun theme into your Big Day:

  • Have a fun photo shooting in a library. If you have a school library close to your wedding venue, run away with your bridesmaids and groomsmen and shoot some truly fun and unique photos there. You’ll definitely love it how these turn out in your wedding album!
  • Pinwheels. Use these fun school DIY projects for your wedding centerpieces and even for your groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres. Even more, offer them as wedding favors – regardless of how young or old your guests may be, they will surely love to bring out the children in them with these cute toys!
  • Have a hand drawn guest book. You don’t have to be a true talent at drawing to create something really unique out of your guest book. Bring out the school girl and school boy in you, draw your guests one by one and ask them to sign right next to their “portraits”. They will definitely have a good laugh!

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3 rules every bride-to-be should keep in mind for her bachelorette party

September 29, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Having a bachelorette party thrown has become quite common these days. And while this should be a night of fun with your favorite friends in the world, keep in mind that there are certain rules both you and your bridesmaids should never omit. What are some of the most important ones? Read here and find out more:


  • Dress nicely, but don’t overdo it. And make sure you leave that very-very short skirt at home! This is a surprise party and you don’t know exactly what your girls have planned for you so it’s better to stay neutral. You don’t want to go clubbing with an extra-short skirt and you most definitely don’t want to go to a fancy restaurant in the same skirt either!
  • Have plenty of water. Really. It will save you from getting drunk too quickly and from having a huge headache the next morning. It can be very easy to lose track of how much you have drunk, especially when you are having a good time – so make sure to mix your beverages with water and to stay hydrated at all times.
  • Likewise, careful with what you eat. Do eat before you leave home, but try to eat something light and nourishing. The last thing you want is to have to go home because of something you ate! Also, if your bridesmaids want to eat out, make sure you don’t overindulge – it might not go very well with the drinks you plan on having later on in the night.

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How to choose the perfect wedding makeup to suit your personality

September 22, 2015 by Grand Central Party

As a bride, you want to be gorgeous on your wedding day – and the type of makeup you choose can be crucial when it comes to this. Leaving aside makeup trends and tips, keep in mind that the most important thing is to make sure your look truly suits your personality. Here are some tips to decide on the best makeup according to who you actually are:


  • Optimistic, feminine and full of energy. Inspire your makeup from the hippy fashion of the late 60s and early 70s. Use soft pink shades for your cheeks and for your lips and make sure to keep your eyes as natural as possible. Accessorize everything with a huge smile!
  • Glamorous, elegant and classy. Your makeup should reflect your sense of style and refinement. Keep it within the gold and nude touches and you will look truly beautiful. At the same time, make sure you don’t overdo it with the bronzer – it can look completely unnatural and unflattering both in real life and in the photos as well.
  • Melancholic, timeless, stylish. The perfect type of makeup to try is the retro-inspired one. Go for the big hair and the gorgeous lips and keep everything else natural. Use black eyeliner to create the cat-eye effect and just a tad of blush to add a bit of color to your cheeks. When it comes to lipstick, red is probably the most “timeless” option, but you can go for a soft nude pink as well.

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