Wedding flowers and the meaning behind them

September 1, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Your wedding flowers are very important – both for your own look and for the wedding décor itself. However, have you ever considered the message your flowers are sending out? What is the meaning behind certain types of flowers and why would you settle for them? Read on and find out more about this.


  • Baby’s breath. This is the kind of delicate flower that very frequently passes as a “complementary” to the larger, more opulent flowers. However, there are brides who would happily settle on Baby’s breaths alone – and if you are among them, you are probably just as delicate-yet-strong as these gorgeous little wonders.
  • Carnations. Used as wedding flowers for a long time now, carnations are graceful, strong and very passionate. The white ones are said to symbolize pure love, while the pink ones are said to send messages of gratitude. At the same time though, the striped ones represent refusal – so you might want to stay away from those.
  • Chrysanthemum. Beautiful, wild and full of life, these flowers are suitable for those of you who want to add a joyful touch to your wedding bouquets and flower arrangements. The large variety of colors for these flowers will definitely help you with that!
  • Peonies. Extremely popular among brides, peonies are extremely graceful. Their “fluff” appearance makes them seem opulent and extravagant, but the meaning behind them is even more important for brides-to-be: having a happy marriage.
  • Roses.  By far one of the world’s most popular wedding flowers, roses have their own beautiful symbolism. Pink stands for admiration, white stands for purity and red stands for passionate love – all of which are perfect for a wedding “message”.

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Here are some budget tips to remember if you plan on having a barn wedding

August 24, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Rustic weddings have been very popular throughout the past few years – and understandably so. They are fun, unique, casual and they allow you to truly show a bit if your personality as a couple too. However, like every other type of wedding, they have to be thoroughly planned out.


If you plan on having a barn wedding and if you want to make sure you stick to your budget, here are some tips to help you truly understand the costs involved in having such a wedding:

  • Take toilets into consideration. Depending on what kind of venue you choose for your Big Day, you should make sure your guests will have restrooms available. Some barns don’t have toilets nearby, so you might have to rent your own and bring them to the venue.
  • Light and heat. Again, this depends on your wedding venue, on the time of the day you plan on having the wedding at and on the season as well. However, before you jump into anything, make sure your guests will be comfortable and that there will be enough light and heat in the barn.
  • Keep things clean. Before you invite people in, make sure the barn is properly cleaned up. Get rid of all the insects and rodents long before the actual wedding day and remember to disinfect everything too. If this is an actual barn and not a wedding venue built around the idea of a barn, these things will be absolutely necessary.

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You don’t need a diamond for your engagement ring! There are so many gorgeous alternatives!

August 17, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Diamonds and engagement rings have been so commonly brought together that it has become almost a “rule” that engagement rings have to have at least one diamond on them. However, that’s not entirely true. Choosing a diamond engagement ring is perfectly OK if you know your loved one will enjoy it. But if you know she will like other gemstones more, there’s absolutely no reason not to go for it.


To inspire you in making the right choice, we have put together some gorgeous engagement ring ideas – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • White sapphires. If you like the classy look offered by white diamonds, but if you want something more unique for the love of your life, white sapphires will be an amazing option. They work well both with white gold and with yellow gold, so regardless of what her preferences may be, you will definitely find something to suit her taste.
  • Moissanite. Beautiful and elegant, moissanite makes for gorgeous engagement rings. From moissanite “trios” to princess-cut moissanite designs, there’s a huge variety of rings available out there – and, same as with white sapphires, they are made with white gold, yellow gold and even rose gold. Thus, there will surely be something to suit your future fiancé’s style 100%.
  • Colored gemstones. Aside from the white, more diamond-like gemstones, you can also find a lot of engagement rings made with colored gemstones – such as rubies, sapphires, turquoise and amethysts. So, if you know your loved one will appreciate something bold and really original, you can definitely go for one of these rings.

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Are you planning your wedding registry? Here are some great ideas to inspire you:

August 10, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Of course, gifts are not the purpose behind a wedding – but creating a wedding registry with items that are affordable for multiple types of budget is a good idea if you want to help your guests pick a gift you will actually enjoy.


Group gifts are great because they offer guests the opportunity to participate in a larger gift and because they will actually make for something you really want. To inspire you, we have gathered some of the best ideas out there – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Fancy cookware. If you and/or your future spouse are big fans of cooking, why not jumpstart a healthy life together by including a fancy set of pots and pans in your wedding registry? It will definitely make you feel like a true chef in the kitchen!
  • Honeymoon fun. Including honeymoon experiences in the wedding registry has become quite popular among many couples and you can definitely go for it too. If you want to have the time of your life on your honeymoon, there’s absolutely no reason not to include your dream activities in the registry – your guests will surely love the idea that they can participate in making your dream come true.
  • Artwork. If you are the artsy type and if you want your future home to be decorated in high style, you can include one or two pieces of artwork in the wedding registry. There will surely be a lot of guests willing to contribute to purchasing such a gift!

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You don’t have to have a seated dinner reception if you don’t want to! Here’s how to do this:

August 3, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Weddings are very frequently thought to be very formal events where a seated dinner is an absolute must. However, that’s completely untrue, especially today when brides and grooms have a lot more freedom of choice when it comes to what they have at their wedding.


If you want to have a non-seated dinner, you should definitely know that there are tons of options to choose from. Here are some tips to help you with this:

  • First and foremost, keep in mind that your wedding reception does not have to be centered on a dinner party. You can very well have a marvelous brunch party or an evening soiree where you serve just cake and desserts.
  • Moreover, even if you do choose to have your reception at dinnertime, you still don’t have to have a seated dinner. You can serve your guests delicious passed appetizers or you can have a buffet dinner too!
  • Whatever you choose though, make sure you inform your guests on what they should expect from your event. Don’t mention this on your wedding invitations, do it on your wedding website where you will have more space to give everyone the details the need in order to be prepared for your wedding.
  • Also, remember that just because you are not having a traditional reception, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all those cute wedding customs (such as the First Dance and the Cutting of the Cake, for example). You can have them regardless of the time of the day at which your party will take place and regardless of what you actually want to serve your guests with!

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You don’t need to spend a fortune on your honeymoon! Here are some budget-friendly ideas!

July 28, 2015 by Grand Central Party

After all the stress and anxiety that come with planning a wedding, it is only natural that you and your fiancé/spouse will want to relax in a nice place. Most people think a dream honeymoon costs a fortune – but the truth is actually very different.


In fact, you can have a marvelous honeymoon even if you don’t have an unlimited sum of money at your disposal and even if your budget is tighter. What are some of the best ideas to inspire you? Read here and find out more:

  • Belize. You can have a honeymoon in Belize for less than $2,500 – so if you want your honeymoon to be the perfect blend between exoticism and adventure, this is the perfect destination for you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Visit the Mayan pyramids, sunbathe and have tons of fun –you will have plenty of stories to bring home with you!
  • Dublin. If you want a “slice” of Europe on your honeymoon, but if you feel that Greece, France and Italy are overrated (or too expensive), Ireland is a marvelous choice. Visit Dublin and you will be surrounded by amazing people, by great history and literature and by new things to learn at every corner of the city. An experience you’ll definitely want to write home about!
  • Jackson Hole. If you want to “stay at home” for the honeymoon, but if you still want to see amazing places, head out to Wyoming. The incredible landscapes here make for unforgettable memories – and there are plenty of things to do for tourists of all types too. Affordable, fun and romantic, Jackson Hole is the right destination for those of you who want to experience the best America’s got to offer in terms of nature.

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Having a church wedding? Here’s how to bring some modern touches to it!

July 21, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Although these days weddings are much more “modern” than they used to be, the truth is that many couples still prefer to have a traditional church wedding over any other ceremony location. And that’s perfectly fine!


But if you want to bring just a touch of modernity to your church wedding, you should definitely know that it can be done with a bit of creativity (and, of course, with your officiant’s permission as well). How to do it, though? How to add modernity into a church wedding? Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Flowers. This is the easiest and most acceptable way to modernize a church wedding – and it can be really useful when it comes to creating a certain type of atmosphere too. For instance, if you want to bring a pop of color into your church ceremony, you can do this by using the right flower arrangements.
  • Soft lights. There’s nothing more romantic and warm than the soft lights churches are usually veiled in. If your church doesn’t have this kind of lighting, ask your officiant if it would be OK for you to bring some candles and to use them to decorate the aisle.
  • Whatever you do, make sure you don’t do it too much. Churches have their own natural beauty and you should use décor only to emphasize it – not to completely over-do it with too many flowers, too many décor pieces and too much lighting.

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3 Unique Elements You Can Use for Your Wedding Centerpieces

July 15, 2015 by Grand Central Party

You want your wedding décor to look just as amazing as you feel – and wedding centerpieces have a great importance when it comes to this. How to make sure your wedding centerpieces are truly unique, though? We have gathered 3 original ideas you can incorporate into your table centerpieces – so if you need some inspiration, read here and find out more.


  • Pineapples. Yes, you read that right. You most likely never thought of pineapples as great wedding décor items – but when combined with simple greenery and with a tropical theme focusing on white and vibrant colors, pineapples actually come as a natural choice. Simple, unique and truly beautiful!
  • Succulents. We bet you’ve seen these around for quite some time now – and there’s a reason people love them so much. Succulents don’t dry out in the sun, they look really unique and they can be “molded” into a variety of types of centerpieces. From teacup succulents (which, by the way, can double as wedding favors) to intricate arrangements that include these plants, there’s a huge variety of options you can choose from.
  • Birdcages. Cute, original and stylish, birdcages work fantastically with rustic-chic weddings, shabby-chic weddings and vintage weddings too. Paint yours with your favorite colors and use them as your centerpieces – either completely empty (to accentuate the actual flower vases) or filled with flowers and other décor elements. This is a truly lovely idea all of your guests will definitely appreciate as soon as they see it!

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Renting vs. buying wedding décor: what is the best option for you?

July 7, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Wedding décor is important for all brides out there – especially since it can make or break the “look” of their Big Day. Is renting the décor the best option – or is buying it better? How to decide what to do for your wedding? Here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • Some brides buy their wedding décor thinking that they will sell it after the wedding. However, this is not always feasible. In most cases, it takes quite a lot of time to order, unwrap, arrange and sell wedding décor – so if you know that time is not your “forte”, you might want to skip this idea.
  • On the other hand, renting the décor will be much easier, since you will not have to worry about all the complicated steps of buying your wedding décor. Once you settle on your rental items, they will be delivered to you (or to your wedding designer) and you will not have to worry about having to sell them back to anyone.
  • Even more than that, there are tons of options to suit every wedding style – so no matter what your theme may be, you will surely find something to truly suit it. From wedding tents that are elegant to rustic tables perfect for outdoor summer weddings, there’s something for everyone regardless of their style. All you need is just a bit of creativity to combine all the elements together in a beautiful, harmonious way.

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Personalize your wedding ceremony with children’s books!

June 29, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Most ladies can remember how they used to dream of becoming “real-life princesses” on their wedding day. So why wouldn’t you include your favorite children’s book in your wedding? We have gathered some really wonderful, romantic and heart-warming ideas – so if this is something you would like to do on your Big Day, make sure to read on and find out more.


  • You could personalize your favorite children’s story and transform it in a coloring book to offer to all of those young guests at your wedding. This is the perfect wedding favor for the little ones, especially since it will also keep them busy throughout the wedding.
  • Even more, you could actually include your favorite fairy tale in the ceremony too. Ask your bridesmaids to read some of your most beloved passages during the ceremony and they will truly love it! This is a gracious way of including them in the ceremony and of bringing some of your own personality and dreams into it as well.
  • Last, but not least, don’t forget about the fact that you can center your entire wedding on your favorite children’s book. Planning a wedding around such a childish (and yet romantic) theme is a really sweet way to show that deep inside, you are happy that you finally found the prince you have been dreaming about ever since you were a little girl!

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