Why Wedding Etiquette Is Important

November 17, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Few moments in one’s life can compete in importance and grandeur with weddings. Truth be told, for the vast majority of people, their wedding is the most important and formal event in their lives.


If you are invited to a wedding and you really care about the couple that is about to tie the knot, remember that etiquette can be really important – both for them and for the way you will feel. Why are these “rules” so important and why should you respect them? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • In most of the cases, they are rules related to politeness and common sense. For instance, keeping your phone turned off throughout the ceremony is something you will really want to follow. After all, you don’t want to ruin your friends’ or relatives’ big moment, right?
  • In other cases, wedding etiquette is actually meant to “protect” you from embarrassing and awkward situations. Believe it or not, most of the “rules” were made for a reason and that reason is not in any way related to “tormenting” you.
  • If you are not familiar with what wedding etiquette says about certain situations, use your common sense. Most of the times, this is the right decision! Treat others events the way you would want people to treat your event!!

Here at Grand Central Party, we may not deal in etiquette – but we can surely provide you with the best wedding rentals out there! We love to see our brides and grooms happy and for this reason, we offer them everything they may need to rent for their wedding: from glassware to tables and tents. Come pay us a visit and take a look around because our items can really make one’s wedding day more beautiful, more attractive and more elegant.

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Greeting Your Guests

November 10, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Your wedding day is such an important moment in your life! As a good host, you will want to make sure every single guest that attends your wedding feels welcomed – and this means that you will have to greet everyone the proper way.


What is the proper way though? How do you greet your guests? What does etiquette say about it? We have gathered some of the most important things you should know about this so read on and find out more.

  • The proper way to greet guests usually includes a line. This can be formed either at the ceremony site (after the ceremony) or at the reception venue (before the party).
  • The most basic form of a receiving line includes the following people (in the exact same order): the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, the bride and the groom.
  • Fathers are not requested to join the line, but it’s perfectly fine if they do. However, keep in mind the fact that if one of them joins the receiving line, the other one should join as well.
  • If you want to include your attendants in the receiving line, place the maid of honor right after the groom and the other bridesmaids after that.
  • If the groom wants his attendants to be included as well, the best man should stay right beside the maid of honor and the other groomsmen should stay after the bridesmaids.
  • If your family’s situation is special (such as divorced parents for example) or if you simply want to create the receiving line in a different way, choose a line formation that works for everyone involved!

Grand Central Party can provide you with wedding rentals to make all of your guests feel special on your big day. Come pay us a visit and take a look at our amazing collection of wedding rentals.

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How to Choose Your China Style

November 3, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Here at Grand Central Party, we truly believe every single detail can make a huge difference when it comes to weddings. For instance, the china you  choose can add a lot to the design of your wedding tables, but you will really have to pay attention to how you decide on this. To help you out, we have come up with some helpful tips so be sure to read on.


  • White is usually the go-to choice of many brides, but do bear in mind the fact that “white” can come in many shades. You can pair your China’s shade of white with your dress and/or with your wedding theme for a special look. For instance, if your dress is ivory white, why not choose China that comes in the same color?
  • If you want to add a bit of glamour and elegance to your plates, choose designs that are not bare white. Even a very discrete gold rim can mean a lot when it comes to how your wedding tables will look.
  • If you are planning on a very modern wedding, try to leave aside the “traditional” round shape and go for square China. This will look edgy and contemporary and it will fit into your wedding décor perfectly.
  • Plate chargers can add a lot to the “look” of a wedding table so make sure not to forget about them. While with China you normally have a fairly limited number of choices when it comes to color and appeal, plate chargers are a bit more flexible. You can even get them in a color that will suit your wedding theme!

Grand Central Party will be more than happy to aid you in choosing the perfect China for your wedding. We provide our brides and grooms with quality wedding rentals – and this includes China, glassware, flatware and pretty much everything else your big day will need to be perfect! Come visit our website and learn more about our beautiful wedding rental items.

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Tips to Making Draping Décor Fabulous

October 27, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Outdoor weddings can be incredibly fun and full of joy, but you will definitely want to pay attention to all the details such a wedding is comprised of. Since you will most likely plan your wedding well ahead of its time, it will be impossible to predict how the weather on your wedding day will be – and this is why having a backup tent is a great choice.


Having a tent wedding does not have to mean that you’ll leave aside all elegance and grace when it comes to the décor. On the contrary, draping décor can add a lot to the way the wedding will look like, so don’t hesitate to use it! Here are some ideas to help you make the draping décor look fabulous:

  • Make sure you choose the right size for your wedding tent. Ideally, you should rent the draping décor from the same company as the tent itself, so that you know for sure the sizes will match perfectly.
  • Be creative when it comes to decorating the drapes, but try to stick to your wedding theme as well. Oil lamps will look marvelous especially if your wedding is inspired by the vintage fashion.
  • Paper lanterns also make for a cute, graceful and beautiful choice. You can allow yourself to go a bit crazy with these, but remember that they should fit into the color scheme as well.
  • If you are having a wedding inspired by the Eastern culture, Chinese lanterns or Diwali lanterns will look very nice and they will add a bit of color and style to your draping décor.
  • Aside from lightning, there are other ways to embellish the draping décor too. For instance, some brides choose bows, ribbons, pompons, flowers and other items to make their draping décor unique.

Grand Central Party can help you with all sorts of wedding rental items, so that your big day turns out absolutely amazing. From tents to draping décor and from glassware to staging, we can truly ensure your wedding looks great!

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What Style of Bar Should I Use at My Wedding Reception?

October 20, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Weddings are difficult to plan because in one way, they are just like a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces. In the end, everything from the food to the florals and from your dress to the bowtie on your groom will have to come together perfectly.


Choosing a bar style can be just as tricky as every other choice you have to make when it comes to your wedding. We have gathered some tips to make this decision easier for you. Read on and find out more.

  • How elegant will your wedding be? For very elegant weddings, try to avoid picking a bar that has a “rustic” feel to it. Instead, go for simple designs with black or white. After all, simplicity is the most elegant way to do things.
  • If you are planning a more casual wedding, an outdoor wedding or a rustic/country wedding, a rustic bar or a unique “whiskey barrel” bar can look amazing with the rest of the décor.
  • Mahogany works particularly well with vintage/Jazz Age-inspired weddings. There is something timelessly classy about mahogany that will definitely look amazing if you want your big day to be inspired by the old-school style.
  • Bars with skirting look good at weddings that are decorated in a very delicate and almost “girly” way. Also, they will be a great choice for brides whose dresses are ruffled.
  • Aluminum bars are perfect for modern weddings and minimalist designs. If you want your reception to look contemporary, edgy and elegant at the same time, this is the type of bar you should choose.

Grand Central Party can provide you with any of the above-mentioned styles for your bar. Come pay us a visit and take a look at our wonderful collection of wedding rentals of all kinds!

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Make Your Guests Comfortable: Use Lounge Furniture

October 13, 2014 by Grand Central Party

If there is something every single bride wants, that is her wedding to be perfect – and not just for her and for her groom, but for the guests as well. As a bride-to-be, you will want to do everything in your means to provide your guests with the very best there is. From food to drinks and from ways to entertain them to providing them with all the details of your wedding venue, you will want them to feel comfortable at your wedding.

One thing some brides may necessarily not pay attention to is the seating they choose for the wedding. Generally speaking, most brides will go for normal chairs and decorate them according to their wedding theme. What if you did something different though? What if you wanted your guests to feel 100% comfortable?


Lounge furniture may be the answer to these questions. There are, of course, many reasons this type of furniture can be amazing for weddings, but we have gathered some of the best ones:

  • Your guests will be comfortably and stylishly seated (and you will be as well, if you will actually have the time to sit down and relax for a bit).
  • Lounge furniture has something elegant and beautiful about it. If you want your wedding to be laid back and classy at the same time, lounge furniture is a great option.
  • Decorating lounge chairs can be personal and fun.  Add a bit of your personality to the chair (Pillows come in many shapes and sizes). Let your inner decorator come out and have fun with the decor!  If you have no idea how to decorate choose more elegant lounge chairs because they can be  really stylish with or without decorations as well.
  • Lounge furniture looks great both with outdoor weddings and indoor weddings. Even more, they can fit into almost any wedding theme you may have chosen for your big day!

If you are searching for quality lounge furniture, don’t forget about Grand Central Party! We can rent our lounge seating and furniture that will make your wedding look absolutely amazing!

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Add Something for Your Young Guests: Inflatables

October 7, 2014 by Grand Central Party


Weddings should be happy moments for every single guest, regardless of gender or age. Sure, you have probably thought about how you will entertain the adult guests. From great food to music, dancing and delicious drinks, you have thought of providing them with everything they need to feel really great at your wedding.

Have you thought of your younger guests too, though? Most likely, there will be at least two children invited to your wedding (the ring bearer and the flower girl). Even more, it is quite possible that some of the parents choose to bring their kids with them as well. How can you entertain the little ones and how can you make sure they feel just as great as their parents at your wedding?



Inflatables are a great idea for many reasons.  Here are a few things that may influence you to use inflatables at your wedding:


  • The kids really do deserve to have just as much fun as their parents and inflatables are something they always love.
  • Children tend to have lots of energy and sitting at a table or dancing is not really their kind of fun. If they are not provided with anything to have fun with, they may start running around and they could accidentally break something. An inflatable will keep them “busy” and entertained for hours!
  • Inflatables are safe for the little ones as well. If you want to make sure they don’t get hurt, provide them with inflatables that are safe for them.
  • There is a wide variety of inflatables to pick from and you’ll definitely have some fun choosing  them as well!


Grand Central Party can provide you with fun and safe inflatables for the young guests at your wedding. Come visit us and take a look at what we have in store!


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How to Choose Table Layout for Your Wedding

September 29, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Of course you want everything at your wedding to be absolutely perfect! This is your big day and you do deserve the very best!

Perfection comes with a long series of decisions you have to make. The long list of things to do will indeed feel endless at times, but the main thing you should know is that you don’t have to panic. Eventually, the “right” choice will come to you and you’ll be able to have the wedding you have always dreamed of!

Choosing a table layout for your big day may feel like one of the most confusing decisions you will have to make. For this precise reason we have put together a list of things you may want to keep in mind:

Typically, the bride and the groom are seated at a long table with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Sometimes, parents are seated at the same table as well.


The other members of the family can be seated at the same table or they can be seated at special tables close to the main one. The ring bearer and the flower girl sit with their parents.

  • Long, rectangular, family tables for all the guests (and not just for the bride, groom and their attendants) are popular options especially for rustic and outdoor weddings, but nobody says you can’t have them with your indoor wedding as well! They will make the reception feel much more intimate, but bear in mind that if someone doesn’t show up, this may ruin your seating chart!
  • Round tables are the most commonly encountered and if you want to be more traditional, they make for the right choice.
  • If you want to be somewhere in between “traditional” and “modern” go for smaller, square tables. They offer a more modern touch and they will not be problematic when it comes to guests who don’t show up to your wedding.
  • You can always go for a mix of round tables, long tables and square tables as well! This will be extremely unique!

If you are searching for the perfect wedding reception tables for your big day, search no more! Grand Central Party has everything you need. Just come and take a look at our tables and pick the ones you want to rent for your wedding day!

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What Type of Tent Should You Choose for Your Reception?

September 22, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Outdoor weddings are fun and they come with a great benefit: the natural décor surrounding you. Regardless of whether you choose to have your wedding on a beach or simply on the outdoor patio of your favorite venue, you will have to be prepared for the worst as well. And the “worst” thing that could go wrong with an outdoor wedding is bad weather.


  • Don’t worry, having a tent as a backup will keep you and your guests from getting all wet in the rain! Follow the next tips and you will be able to choose a tent that is the most suitable for your reception:
  • Pole tents are probably the most commonly encountered ones. They tend to be affordable and they will do the “job” of protecting you from the rain perfectly. Also, you can decorate them nicely too! So let your decorating imagination run wild!
  • Frame tents are more suitable for windy weather and they will protect the laterals too (so that rain really doesn’t get in). Choose this type of tent if you want to make sure your wedding will not be transformed into a “pool” party.
  • Marquee tents are the types of tents you will use if you want to connect the space between two buildings or two tents (the reception spot and the ceremony spot, for example).
  • Inflatable tents are not so much for rainy weather as they are for weather that is too sunny. They will protect you and your guests from getting nasty sunburns and feeling sick if the temperatures get too high.

Visit Grand Central Party if you want to rent any of the aforementioned types of tent. Also, we have a great selection of tent lightning, accessories and décor items in store for you, so do not hesitate to call for our help if you want to make sure Mother Nature will not ruin your big day!

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Does Flatware Matter?

September 15, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Planning out marvelous big parties lies in the small details – and weddings are not an exception from this rule. On the contrary though, the small details in the wedding décor will make for the big “wow” coming from your guests.


To answer the question posed in the title shortly, yes, flatware does matter. After all, it will be right at your guests’ fingertips (literally). Choosing the right forks, knives and spoons can add a lot to a table setting and while your guests will probably eat just fine even without fancy flatware, they will surely appreciate it if they do have it. What tips should you keep in mind when choosing the perfect type of flatware for your wedding? Here are some of them:

First and foremost, keep in mind the theme of your wedding. Truthfully, even if you may want to choose really beautifully embellished flatware, it may not go with a rustic wedding (and the other way around: elegant weddings will not look great with simple, rustic flatware).

Think of the other items on the table as well: the glassware, the tableware, the centerpieces and so on. These should be matched with your flatware as well.

Unless you are planning a really, really fancy wedding reception (and unless you know your guests will be expecting it), you don’t necessary have to have an over abundance flatware. Get only those that are suitable for the menu you will be serving and everything should be more than fine.

Whatever type of flatware you choose to settle on, Grand Central Party can help you out. We offer a good array of wedding party rentals that include flatware, glassware and even tents. Furthermore, there are plenty of options in each category so that you can get everything from us and not have to worry about working with multiple providers.

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