Reception Chairs to Fit Your Budget

August 18, 2014 by Grand Central Party

There is absolutely no trace of doubt over the fact that weddings are really important in people’s lives. A wedding is more than just a fancy party and some jolly guests. A wedding is a celebration of love, life and new beginnings – and this is precisely why we all love them so much.

If you are trying to organize your wedding as neatly as possible, then you probably know that the list of things that have to be handled seems almost endless. From the wedding cake to each olive served with your martinis and from the wedding dress to the flower arrangements, there is a huge number of things you have to deal with. And, although you may have not worried too much about this, the reception chairs are among these things.


Believe it or not, stylish reception chairs do not have to break the bank. In fact, if you are creative enough, you can make even the simplest of chairs look like they were torn out of a wedding-related magazine. Here are some tips on how to invite your guests to take a seat on chairs that look absolutely stunning:

  • Don’t go for very complicated chairs if you know that your budget does not allow it. Simple black or white chairs can work wonders when decorated properly.
  • Satin and silk are probably the most popular choices when it comes to what the chairs are covered with, but they are really not the only options you have. For instance, burlap and some soft pastel fabric can look stunning when combined and they can make for great chair decorations.
  • Whatever kind of cover you choose for your reception chairs, make sure it goes with the rest of the décor as well. For example, burlap will look very good in a shabby-chic décor or in a décor inspired by nature or beaches, but it will not look so good if you are throwing your wedding party in a luxurious hotel restaurant with huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

To take a look at the variety of chair rentals we have in store for you and to see other wedding organization-related solutions,  visit Grand Central Party. We have everything from chairs to two superb venues for your wedding so you can really seek for our help when organizing your wedding gets too stressful and you want everything in one place!

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Engagement party must haves

August 12, 2014 by Grand Central Party


Your engagement party is the prequel to the main event; a chance for both sides of the family to meet under joyous circumstances, and a low-pressure get together before the stress of wedding planning sets in.

In order to make sure your engagement party goes off with a bang, just follow our handy checklist of engagement party must haves.

1. Alcohol

Ok, so you may not want to unleash your friends on a free bar, but you need to make sure that everyone has a glass of something sparkling when it is time for the toast. Make sure you have a choice of sparkling cider as well as Champagne (or Prosecco if you’re on a budget).

2. Games

The engagement party will be the first time that many members of the two different families meet, so plan a couple of fun icebreakers to get people chatting. Classic games such as Pictionary or MadLibs are fun for all ages, but if you want to go a little more risqué, try whipping out Cards Against Humanity.

3. Food

Save money by treating your guests to a buffet, and reduce the stress of hosting by hiring a catering company to cook, set up and serve a variety of snacks. At around midnight, order in pizza or burgers for your remaining guests, to soak up some of that alcohol, and save a few sore heads in the morning!

4. Carriages

Make sure your guests get home safe by hiring cars to pick them up and take them home safely. An added bonus is that you can set the end time for the party by simply announcing that the cars have arrived.

5. Party favors

Send guests home with a smile by giving them a small party favor to remind them of your big night. This can be as simple as a personalized chocolate bar, or as generous as a bottle of wine.

For a great choice of party favors, and other engagement party essentials, check out Grand Central Party in Nashville.

How to keep your wedding guests involved at your reception

August 7, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Planning a wedding in Nashville is fun considering we have the best entertainers in the world.  But what if you didn’t hire a wedding planner and the burden of making sure your guests have a good time falls on you? Have no fear!  Grand Central Party Rental is here with some advice!

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Below you will find some tips on how to keep your wedding guests involved and having a good time:

  • Employ a DJ – If the crowd starts to look bored a great DJ will pump everyone back up with fun, interactive games and music.  Just as wedding decorations work to create the mood for the wedding, so does wedding music. Of course, hiring a great DJ takes work and effort.  Don’t worry, we have a list of preferred DJ’s that we’ve worked with in the past who will certainly keep your wedding hopping
  • For most people a wedding is synonymous with music and dancing, and every time they hear about a wedding the first thing that comes to mind is dancing and partying at the wedding reception. While this is true for most people it is important to consider during the wedding planning stage, that that some people are not dancers. Such guests require a different form of entertainment. One great idea in this regard is to have pictures of earlier events of the day incorporated into the wedding decorations at the reception. As people move around looking at different pictures of the bride and groom as well as other guests, they get a way to break the ice and start conversations with strangers.


Everyone wants their wedding to be the talk of the town for all the right reasons. Having a fun and entertaining wedding reception is bound to make a lasting impression. If you need some ideas on how to pull off a really great wedding reception, get in touch with us.  Since we provide wedding tents and other rental items for Nashville weddings and events we’ve worked with several great Nashville wedding professionals that we can highly recommend to you.

Groom Surprises Bride with Flash Mob and Song at Wedding

July 28, 2014 by Grand Central Party

As a wedding and party equipment rental store in Nashville we often peruse the internet for fun and exciting weddings and event to share with our blog readers in hopes to provide some inspiration for their own event.

So while we were perusing YouTube today we found this really fun video taken at a wedding where the groom surprised his bride with a song and flash mob. He plotted and planned with their wedding party and many guests months before the wedding to pull this off.  The brides reaction is priceless!

What is the point of us sharing this video with you?  Not only is it a great idea for your own wedding but it’s a great reminder as to how important a dance floor is.  Many wedding venues, especially outdoor ones, don’t have dance floors.  In order to pull something like this off you must have a designated place for everyone to meet.  A dance floor does that.

If you’re still looking for a dance floor for your Nashville wedding, why not rent one from our selection.

So what did you think of the video?  Pretty cool idea?

Tropical Décor for Your Wedding

July 23, 2014 by Grand Central Party


There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about having a tropical wedding, even if you are not having a destination wedding. A tropical wedding has a certain charm about it that no other wedding theme has. Well, if you think about it, every theme has its own charm. But when it comes to tropical wedding, nothing can come remotely close to representing the natural and nautical lifestyle. If you are thinking of having a tropical wedding by the seaside, here are some great ideas to make your décor look complete!

The Theme

A tropical wedding theme, in its essence, has to represent the tropical way of life. Hence, the elements in your wedding should carry the carry the Hawaiian feel that we see so many times in the movies. Think of bright green tones with shades of pearl white, or royal blue with off white. These color themes work quite well against the backdrop of the ocean, lake, or seaside.

The Setting

A tropical theme will only look complete once the setting is arranged to reflect it. Think of installing bamboo sticks to support a cloth that goes from end to end in order to keep sunlight at bay. The seating arrangement has to be spacious, and getting lightwood chairs and tables will definitely fit the bill. As for the altar, think of having an arch covered with tropical leaves. This will definitely add the cherry on top!

The Decorations

Flowers, motifs, and plants are important decorations for a tropical theme. Get some Hibiscus flowers either side of the aisle, olive leaves on the arch, welcome your guests with leis, and floral prints for the tables. You can also go for motifs to enhance the beach lifestyle charm at your wedding location. Get details like ropes, anchors, tropical leaves, palm fronds, and orchids and you will have one comprehensive tropical décor in a wallet friendly budget!



Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Are Married!

July 8, 2014 by Grand Central Party

After two kids and a three-year engagement, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are finally husband and wife! They said their “I dos” in front of around 200 guests at the San Ysidro Ranch in California.

The couple took advantage of the sunny summer weather for their July 5th wedding. Of course, they had the best of both worlds, including a beautiful tent for the guests to get out of the sun. Guests were also treated to a pre-wedding BBQ at the resort for the 4th of July.


While there haven’t been any official photos released, rumors are circulating that the bride wore a custom champagne and gold gown designed by Carolina Herrera. The sense is that the couple opted for a glamorous but still relaxed wedding style for their big day.

Having a relaxed wedding doesn’t need to mean you lost the elegant glamor you want for your nuptials. In fact, many of the choices you make in decor can help set the perfect tone for your wedding. To get help creating the Nashville wedding of your dreams, give us a call today!


Photo: Instagram/Jessica Simpson


How to Create a Nautical Themed Wedding

July 2, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Nautical is always a great theme for a wedding, and one that offers a lot of options. It can be used for any style of wedding, whether formal or casual, and can give you the chance to have plenty of fun.

The first thing that you’ll want to do with your nautical theme is choose the type of nautical you want. Do you want a naval theme, a seaside or beach theme, or something that draws on classic nautical imagery like anchors?


From that decision, you can choose your color palette. Some styles will call for a dark blue and white, perhaps with touches of red, while others will benefit from the inclusion of aquas and other water-inspired pastels. In pretty much every case, though, you will probably want to include a blue tone as your main color.

The bulk of your nautical theme can be shown through your venue decor. This includes the elements you have on your tables, your cake’s decoration, and any decor you have around the room. Anchors, rope, sand dollars, and starfish are all popular things to include in your nautical themed wedding decor.

Your nautical wedding theme won’t be complete without great rentals, though. From the glassware to the tent, we have everything you need for your Nashville wedding. Give us a call today to find out more!

Photo: Flickr/Drew and Merissa

Alternatives to a Champagne Toast

June 23, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Champagne toasts are a traditional part of a wedding, but they aren’t for every couple. Whether you don’t like the taste of champagne or want something less formal, you might want to consider these great alternatives to champagne.


  • Beer: With craft breweries offering a huge selection of flavors and styles, beer is becoming a popular choice for weddings. Beers can be served throughout the reception, included as part of a tasting station, or used for toasts. For toasting with beer, consider serving it in a champagne flute or a traditional pilsner glass.
  • Sparkling juice cocktail: For a non-alcoholic bubbly, don’t feel limited to bottles of sparkling cider. A sparkling juice cocktail can be mixed together to create a deliciously interesting taste for your guests. For your toasts, consider a mix of sparkling water, mint, apple, and elderflower served in a traditional champagne glass.
  • Chocolate shots: A true chocoholic delight, chocolate shots can be created as an alcoholic or non-alcoholic toasting option. These are a way of getting a small dessert and drink all in one glass. Your guests might need to be instructed to wait when they’re served, though, as some will find a delectable shot glass of liquid chocolate too much to resist!

Whatever you serve, you’ll need the right glassware. To find out about renting glassware for your Nashville wedding, give us a call today!


Photo: Flickr/Susana Fernandez

Enjoy the Outdoors, Whatever the Weather

June 16, 2014 by Grand Central Party

With summer around the corner, it’s only natural to think about taking events like weddings and parties outdoors. While a bit of sun can be wonderful, it can quickly become overwhelming, particularly for elderly guests and young children.


Even for the heartiest guests, the heat of a Tennessee summer can get to be a bit too much after a while. This is just one of the many reasons why a tent is such an important part of any outdoor event.

With a tent, you can also provide additional cooling through fans or even air conditioning. This can keep your guests comfortable while still enjoying the great weather and sunshine. You might also find that the cooler temperature of your tent is even better for the food or cake you have planned for your big day.

Of course, a tent also provides the necessary protection should the weather take a turn for the worse during your event. With a variety of styles and sizes available, we are sure to have the right tent for your Nashville party or wedding, so give us a call today!


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Give Your Guests Some Elbow Room

June 9, 2014 by Grand Central Party

Whether you’re planning a wedding or a party, you’ll need to figure out how many guests you’re expecting and how many tables you’ll need for them to sit at for the meal. While on the surface this is a pretty straightforward calculation, it can present some different options.


The easiest way to think about it all is to consider your dining room table. Chances are, it seats 4-6 people, 8-10 people, or another range of numbers. When you’ve sat down for a big family dinner, you know that you can fit the higher number around the table. You also probably know that it isn’t the most comfortable of meals.

If you add in the space you need for things in the middle of the table — be they decorative centerpieces or family-style platters of food — each guest has even less room. Suddenly that table that can fit 10 is might cramped. If any of your guests are larger people, it can be quite uncomfortable.

Many people choose to do a rough table plan before committing to the number of tables they’ll need. If you choose a table that can seat six people, such as the 48″ round table, you might not have a guest list that easily breaks itself up into groups of six. It might make more sense to have five people at each table, particularly if you have family groups that should be seated together. While you could choose to cram guests onto a table that seats four, it won’t be an experience they’ll enjoy!

When you rent tables from an experienced Nashville rental company like Grand Central, we can help you plan out the tables you need. Whether it’s all one size or a mix of sizes, we can work with you to design the reception that gives every guest the elbow room they deserve! Give us a call to find out more!


Photo: Flickr/Ruth Hartnup