Add some personality to your wedding programs

April 13, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Having wedding programs created for the Big Day is an excellent idea if you want to keep your guests informed. Even more, they can contribute a lot to bringing together all the elements of your wedding theme as well. If you want to add a dash of personality to your wedding programs, don’t forget to check out with the following ideas because we have gathered the best ones to inspire you:


  • A classic wedding program will include information about the wedding ceremony, about the reception, the songs that are played at the ceremony, details about the time, date and location of the wedding, as well as a list with your wedding party’s names (and this includes your parents and the officiant as well).
  • However, you can feel free to add any other bit of information you want. Some brides and grooms choose to write short descriptions of their bridesmaids and groomsmen (very often with funny anecdotes used to describe them). Also, if you plan on having a special ceremony and there will be any ritual that most guests will not be familiar with, you may want to include information about this as well. For instance, if you are having a Jewish wedding and a lot of your friends are not Jewish, you may want to explain some of the ceremony’s steps and their signification.
  • Furthermore, keep in mind that wedding programs don’t have to be rectangular booklets either. In fact, they can take whatever shape you want: from beautiful trees to paper fans. They can be made out of wood and they can include rice and confetti receptacles for the guests to use at the end of the ceremony. Use your creativity and you will come up with something truly beautiful and unique!

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Wedding rentals are not always obvious, they can be very unique! Take a look:

April 6, 2015 by Grand Central Party

When thinking of “wedding rentals”, most couples will think of tents, chairs and other relatively “major” items to decorate their venue with. However, wedding rentals can refer to a wide range of other wedding-related items as well. Here are some unique ideas that will save you a lot of money:


  • The cake. Of course, renting an actual cake is not possible. What is possible though is to rent a “fake cake”. Basically, such a cake will be made from multiple polystyrene foam tiers that look just as gorgeous as a “real cake”. While a typical wedding cake can cost anything between $400 and $3,000, a fake cake will cost much less. Even more, it can include a “real cake” tier for the “Cutting of the Cake” moment as well – so there’s really no reason not to go for this option if you want to save some money.
  • The dress. Tuxedo rentals are fairly common out there – so why would a bride have to pay a really large price for a dress she will only wear once? If you are not keen on having a brand new dress for your wedding day and if you are thinking of renting one, you should definitely know that there are plenty of options available out there.
  • The bride’s accessories. Everything, from the flowers to the bridal purse can be rented as well. Again, these are items you will most likely only use once so it would be a really great, budget-friendly idea to rent them instead of actually buying them.

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Makeup can be done many ways, here are some tips for your wedding day appearance:

March 30, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Like every bride out there, you want to be gorgeous for your Big Day. And this means that you will have to choose a type of makeup to complement your natural beauty. To help you out on this, we have gathered some tips and ideas that will surely make you settle for the most beautiful kind of makeup – so make sure to read on if you want to find out more.


  • Pink tones. Pop a bit of pink lipstick or lip gloss on your lips and a dash of pink blush for your cheeks as well. Complement this look by going very soft with your eyelids too (gold, champagne, pale pink tones work the best if you want to achieve a gentle, feminine look).
  • Wine tones. If you want a beautiful “berry look” for your Big Day, choose a very soft color for your eyelids and for your cheeks. For the lips, pick a wine-colored lipstick to suit your complexion (darker if you have tanned skin and a bit lighter if your skin is fairer).
  • Earthy tones. Earthy tones look absolutely marvelous on brides, especially when they are complemented by a classic red lipstick. If you want a “smoky” look, earthy tones and black are good choice too – and they can either be paired with red lipstick or with something more neutral.
  • Glamorous. Some brides prefer a more glamorous look for their Big Day – and if you are among them, bronze, silver and shimmery pink shades are a great option for you. Make sure you don’t go “too sparkly” by pairing the above-mentioned tones with finishes that are a bit more matte on your lipstick and/or cheeks.

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Shine as the beautiful bride you are by creating the best hairstyle:

March 23, 2015 by Grand Central Party

As a bride-to-be, you want to shine on your wedding day! Of course, a beautiful gown does have a really important role in making you feel amazing, but so does your hairstyle. If you are not sure what style to pick for your Big Day, check with the following tips because they will make the decision easier for you:


  • Up-do vs. letting your hair down. One of the first things to decide on is whether you want to pull your hair up or if you want to let it down. This decision depends a lot on the face of your shape and on the design of your wedding gown, but in general, you should stick to letting your hair down only if the dress is more revealing in the upper part. Up-do’s look great with both “revealing” gowns and gowns that cover more of the upper part.
  • Your wedding style. Allow your wedding theme and style to “dictate” the direction of your hairstyle. Planning a vintage wedding? Pull your hair up and accessorize it with a beautiful birdcage veil – or let your hair down and curl it in the 1940’s Hollywood way. Planning a rustic wedding? Ask your hairstylist to create some beautiful braids and a “messy” hairstyle to suit your theme.
  • Leave your hair down and silky. If you want a really simple and very elegant hairstyle for the Big Day, let your hair down and have it professionally straightened. Pull your bangs on one side or allow them to flow naturally.

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Guys are not always easy to shop for, but here are some ideas for gifts for your Groomsmen:

March 16, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Your groomsmen are very important to you – and you will definitely want to thank them for being “there” for you on your wedding day. However, finding the perfect gift for a man can be quite tricky – and this is precisely why we have put together a list of tips to help you out on this. Read on and find out more:


  • You can stick to basic “manly” things. A leather flask, a beautiful watch, a pair of stylish cufflinks – all men love these things and there’s absolutely no reason why your groomsmen would not appreciate such a gift.
  • Be well-balanced. Don’t choose anything your future bride may have chosen, don’t go for anything that is too tacky, extremely expensive or very cheap either. Try to find a middle-way and to keep yourself well-balanced when it comes to your groomsmen gifts. As long as you keep it meaningful and tasteful, your gifts will be actually appreciated.
  • If you want to add a personal touch to your gifts, add your monogram. As mentioned before though, make sure you do this in a classy way and that you do not fall into the “kitsch” area because your groomsmen may not appreciate it.
  • You don’t have to offer “physical” gifts. If you know your friends would enjoy this, you could offer them membership cards to special clubs, a day of spoil at a special winery or any other experience they will genuinely like.

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Did you know you should be following some rules when planning your wedding? Make sure you are aware of the top ones:

March 9, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Wedding planning is not an easy deal – not even by far. In fact, you could write entire bookshelves about how to do it and never actually cover every single issue that may arise when planning for a wedding. And yet, there are certain wedding planning rules you should never forget. Here are some of the most important ones:


  • Talk to your future spouse. After all, you will be sharing your life with each other from now on and talking about how you would like your wedding to be is only natural. Talk about your preferences, about the budget, about the things you absolutely don’t want to compromise on and about all the other details that really do matter for both of you. Remember: a wedding starts with “we”!
  • Decide on what kind of wedding you want. Before you do anything else (even before you work on the guest list, some would advise), make sure you decide on what wedding style suits you best. Do you want a grand ballroom wedding? Do you want a quirky, unique one? Or do you want to settle for something that’s right in between? Think about it and only then start searching for a venue.
  • No matter how much you will want to please everyone, that’s just not possible in the vast majority of the cases. So breathe in and do things your way. It may not be traditional for a bride to wear a red dress, for a wedding to take place in a museum or for your bouquet to be made out of baby breaths only – but as long as it makes you (and your future spouse) happy, there’s nothing wrong about it!

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Are you thinking of going Vintage for your wedding theme? Here are some ways to incorporate it into your wedding:

March 2, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Vintage weddings are elegant, beautiful and they have a timeless feel to them everyone enjoys these days. If you have settled on a Vintage theme, make sure you try to incorporate it as much as possible into your wedding. Here are some fantastic ideas to inspire you:


  • You don’t have to have an actually vintage dress, as there are many designs out there that are inspired by the vintage fashion. With this year’s inclination towards off-the-shoulder dresses, there’s a high chance you will find a lot of Vintage-inspired wedding gowns to choose from. Also, you can add a vintage look to your dress by choosing to wear a short visor veil or a “Grace Kelly”-inspired design as well.
  • Furthermore, if you want to add a sentimental touch to your wedding, you can wear your mother’s dress too (there are plenty of restoration and alteration services that will make her dress look absolutely fabulous for your Big Day).
  • Make your wedding exit Vintage as well. There are a lot of stunning Vintage cars for rental, suitable for any decade you may have chosen to inspire yourself from for your Big Day. From 1920s “Great Gatsby” cars to vehicles created in the 1950s and 1960s, there’s a myriad of options for you.
  • Choose pale pastel flowers and Antique-like centerpiece vases for your décor. Also, make sure your tables, chairs and linens go along with the theme as well. Again, they do not have to be actually Vintage or Antique (as this would most likely be quite expensive). With a bit of creativity, you can find a lot of rental items that can be turned into Vintage-inspired pieces.

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Here are some ways to help get your groom involved in the wedding planning!

February 23, 2015 by Grand Central Party

In general, brides take most of the wedding planning tasks. However, there’s absolutely no reason in the world why you shouldn’t include your groom in the entire planning process too! If you are looking for ways to do this, take a look at the following tips because they will definitely come in as more than useful.


  • Planning the wedding budget. Traditionally, the parents of the bride and groom pay for the wedding ceremony and reception. However, that doesn’t mean that you and your groom will not have to create a wedding budget! Make sure you include your groom when planning the wedding budget because this way you will know which of the things he doesn’t want to compromise on and which of the wedding-related purchases he would skimp on as well.
  • Taking care of the bar. Of course, you should bring your groom with you when tasting the wedding food and cake as well – but leaving him to take care of the bar section of the reception will be a great idea.
  • Taking care of the musicians/playlist. Have your groom help you research wedding bands and DJs and leave it up to him to create a wedding playlist as well (or do it together). He will most likely enjoy this task!
  • Picking his tuxedo and his groomsmen’s attire too. You can agree with your fiancé on some “ground rules” for his and his groomsmen’s tuxedoes (for instance, including a particular color). However, you should leave it up to him to choose the clothes he will wear on the Big Day and the clothes his best friends will wear too.
  • Negotiating with vendors. If your future husband has great negotiating skills, you can task him to negotiate with the vendors. This way, he will feel great about being actually helpful while doing something he is good at too.

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Here are some tips on why you should rent décor’ for your wedding:

February 16, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Many people choose to go the DIY “route” when it comes to their wedding day – and usually, this means that they get to rent their own décor as well. Of course, you could go for a venue that provides you with everything you need, but the truth is that renting the décor can be a great idea as well. Here are some of the reasons why you should do this instead of working with an all-inclusive venue:


  • You don’t need a very fancy venue to have a very elegant party. The right décor, the right chairs, table linens and flower arrangements can all add a lot even to the simplest of spaces. Basic white rooms and even gyms can be turned into a truly beautiful location for your wedding – and all you need is to choose beautiful items for your décor.
  • You can rent décor both for a formal wedding and for a wedding that is more informal too. For instance, there are a lot of wedding rentals focused on rustic-themed weddings too – and they can be an amazing addition even to a simple, inexpensive barn.
  • It adds personality. If you want your wedding to truly reflect who you are as a couple and what your love story is about, renting your own décor is an amazing option. This way, you get to make your own choices and you can personalize your wedding to suit your style 100%.
  • Many people stay away from renting their furniture and décor for the Big Day because they believe that this will be time-consuming. Of course, planning a wedding can take a lot of time – but if you find a vendor that can provide you with all the wedding rentals you need, time will definitely not be an issue.

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How to Choose the Best Linens for Your Wedding Reception

February 9, 2015 by Grand Central Party

Every detail can matter a lot when it comes to the décor of a wedding – and this most certainly includes your wedding reception table/chair linens as well. Believe it or not, the right linens can add a lot to your wedding’s “look” so you should pay attention to how you choose them. If you are not sure on how exactly to do that, make sure to check out the following tips:


  • Your wedding theme. The first and foremost important thing you should think of when choosing linens for your reception is your wedding theme. This will help you narrow down the options when it comes to texture, design, fabric and even to color as well. For instance, if you plan on having a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding, you could have red or pink table linens made from luxurious fabrics. At the same time though, if you want a rustic-chic wedding, you might want to settle for other options.
  • Your color scheme. Naturally, you should match your linens to the color scheme you have chosen for the wedding reception too. If in doubt, whites and creams work with almost everything – and they don’t have to be dull either (for instance, you can choose white table linens with delicate lace-like motifs on them).
  • Beware of the “too much”. While matching your linens with the wedding theme and colors are both great ideas, you should also make sure that you don’t go too much over the top with your linens. Remember that the tables will look quite “crowded” with the centerpieces, tableware, glassware and cutlery on them so you should make sure that everything looks well-balanced and stylish.

Here at Grand Central Party we can provide you with a vast range of beautiful table linens you can choose from. Even more than that, we can also provide you with a an impressive collection of wedding rentals that range from tents to lightning so make sure to come visit and visit us if you want to create a truly beautiful wedding!

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